Jeff Bezos Is The Bloodthirsty Oracle Of Retail

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos. Plotting the destruction of Walmart via drones. 

AMZN will likely roll out this service within the next few years. The UK will be introduced first because they care less about air pollution and machines flying overhead.

In a nut shell, this video is why AMZN commands a 975 eps multiple. Bezos is a fucking genius will balls of steel to pursue a drone delivery program. This idea would be laughed at by 99.5% of executives a few years ago.

Always remember, AMZN could transform into a profit monster with the snap of a Bezos’s finger. Don’t question this man’s decisions, he will checkmate his competition and eat their hearts.

In unrelated Bezos news, his spaceship company, Blue Origin successfully landed a rocket. Ensuring his dick is as big as Elon Musk.