Nvidia: Exposed for Success

Nvidia Automotive Infotainment

What are some of the hot industries these day?

Automotive Infotainment, drones, virtual reality, deep learning, cloud computing, autonomous driving, professional gaming... NVDA has exposure to all of these emerging industries. 

Shares are currently racing towards their 2008 all time highs of around $40. For the past few months shares have hardly seen a down day. Though it is very tempting to buy this company, I can't recommend chasing it after a continuous 3 month rise. 

NVDA Monthly Chart

Any weakness in NVDA would be greatly appreciated. 

Colette Kress, Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President:

"Automotive revenue rose 51% year-on-year to a record $79 million. At last month's International Auto Show in Frankfurt, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Porsche, Bentley, and Honda all showcased a range of production vehicles and concept cars with NVIDIA-powered digital cockpits, and our partner, Tesla Motors just introduced its falcon-winged Model X. Like the Model S, the Model X is equipped with both a multi-touch infotainment system and a digital instrument cluster powered by NVIDIA."
"Gaming revenue rose 44% year-on-year to $761 million. Growth is being fueled by a number of factors, among them, the significant increase in graphics production value, the rise of eSports, the anticipation of blockbuster games for the holiday season, and the emergence of new technologies like VR for richer, more immersive game play."

Jen-Hsun Huang, co-founder and chief executive officer, NVIDIA:

"Our record revenue highlights NVIDIA's position at the center of forces that are reshaping our industry," said Jen-Hsun Huang, co-founder and chief executive officer, NVIDIA. "Virtual reality, deep learning, cloud computing and autonomous driving are developing with incredible speed, and we are playing an important role in all of them."

NVDA EPS/Revenue

NVDA Autonomous Driving 

NVDA Automotive Partners

Nvidia's bad-ass CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang